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About Dave Silverbrand

Dave founded Cleats for Kids and since 2002 has been shipping baseball equipment to one small village. He has also documented his trips on DVD (available for a minimum donation).

Inspired by his mother's donation of books to an impoverished Caribbean island, Dave discovered personal reward in helping children through baseball. Encouraged by major league star Miguel Tejada and former Giants Manager Felipe Alou, both of whom grew up in Dominican poverty, Dave has personally collected bats, gloves, helmets, baseballs and cleats. He has also collected medical equipment for use in the town's clinic.

El Limon, in the Dominican Republic's northeast state of Samana, is home to Onfalia Morillo, the country's only female sportscaster. She built the fields on which children play baseball and underwrites the cost of maintaining them. She supervises distribution of the equipment to the children.

Dave's Personal Statement

Why We Need What We Need

Baseballs-- New or old, it doesn't matter. El Limon Little League has been using one baseball per game, because they have a limited supply. Kids need baseballs to practice and to play.

Gloves-- Kids share gloves if they have any at all. Any size or
condition will do.

Uniforms-- Children, even the very young, have organized leagues. Uniforms give them a sense of positive identity.





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